I’m Worried, and That’s Okay

This pandemic is putting the world into a fit of worry, and for good reason.
People are getting sick around the globe at an alarming rate, and often there aren’t enough medical supplies or hospital beds for everyone that needs them.

It’s scary.

Since mental health – and sometimes sharing feelings and emotions – is still so stigmatized today, I thought I’d put it all out there by writing about it:

I’ve been worried.

My job’s hours got cut in half.
My friend’s father’s important surgery got postponed.
My nana’s nursing home is under lock-down and nobody can visit her. (Which is honestly a good thing since she’s considered high risk, but it’s still unfortunate.)

But I’ve realized lately that that’s okay.
It’s okay to feel worried. Anxious. Depressed. Frustrated. Lonely. Scared. Confused.
These feelings are valid, because it’s a very uneasy and uncomfortable time. We’re diving into the unknown here.

And despite all of these unfortunate events taking place because of this pandemic, I’ve seen and heard about some great things happening too.

  • Many people are still able to work from the safety of their homes, including my dad and many of my good friends.
  • People are offering to pick up items at the store for their neighbors.
  • Children are making cards and drawing pictures for those in nursing homes that can’t have visitors.
  • Distilleries are starting to produce hand sanitizer.
  • Masks are being donated.
  • The homeless are being given hand sanitizer, food, and vitamin C from an awesome and inspirational woman in Califronia. (You can see her charitable acts here on her nonprofit website – https://www.beauty2thestreetz.org/)
  • People are offering to grocery shop for their friends and family that are high risk.
  • Strangers are helping people search for hard-to-find items in the grocery store – and some of those strangers are children.
  • More sidewalks are being used for morning runs and evening walks.
  • More dogs are being walked.
  • Some parents and their children get to spend a little more time together, even if homeschooling can be a challenge.
  • My social worker/mental health worker/counselor friends are offering to support others in their free time.
  • Someone offered to help me bring my groceries to my car.
  • A nice stranger offered me his cart in the self-checkout line because he saw I was carrying a heavy package.
  • A kind gentleman offered to get one of my work’s nurses a coffee.
  • Our neighbor offered to hang out with our dog for a bit during the day since she’s working from home.
  • People are advocating for others.

There’s a lot going on right now, and some of it is really disappointing to think about, but when I think of all the heartwarming things that are happening as a response to this pandemic; I feel a little less worried and a little more hopeful. I think hope cancels out fear.

Stay safe, take care of each other, and wash your hands. ♥

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